Managed Content

Implementing your content, brand and ideas throughout the web and other marketing sources is a large undertaking that should be managed by seasoned professionals.  Our content management services, range from the creation of new copy for your website, articles, press releases, managing social media platforms, link building and more. If you allow us to manage your content online, we will engage and continue to inform your current and potential patients.

If you have a service in mind that isn’t listed, please contact us. We offer many more services and only highlight some of our strategies on our website. Our content management strategies are focused on branded content that will differentiate you from your competition.


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Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the fastest growing methods to communicate with current customers and generate new customers online. It seems like social media is everywhere today. We will help you understand social media marketing and its implications on your business, integrate it and use it to build your brand.

Social Media allows you to...

  • Build your brand within your current patient base
  • Communicate with patients on a convenient platform
  • Update your patients on practice changes, new products & services, specials, etc.

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Reputation Management

Is there a negative review out there that you can't seem to get deleted? People reviewing your business on many possible review websites like Google, Yahoo, Yelp, etc. may post reviews or comments that negatively affect your medical or dental business. We offer unique strategies to quickly track these types of negative reviews so that we can respond in a timely manner and better manage your reputation online. We offer you complete reputation analysis and management options.  

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Content Writing

Many businesses don't have the time and don't know what to specifically say to their current and potential customers through their websites. Words have the power to draw thousands of people to your website (search engines only look at words, not your design), and to persuade visitors to convert into contacting your business and in the end, becoming a customer. Our content writing services will do just that.

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Blog Management

Blogs can be an excellent marketing tool to promote your business if done right.  Blogs can promote your business, news, online videos, new products, services and more.  Blogs are very powerful in opening the doors of communication with your current and potential customers.  While enhancing your visibility with Google and the other major search engines, blogging allows for better marketing while increasing your brand awareness.   So why does your business need a blog?    

Here are a few reasons...

  • Each blog can add SEO value to your website through Google.
  • Generate more new customers. Studies show that businesses who blog generates 67% more new customers than their "non-blogging" competitors.
  • Attract more visitors to your website. Businesses that blog have a lot more content to share and thus have a larger reach, allowing more people to follow their business.

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Article Writing

Writing articles is a key component to a business that wants to offer more relevant content on current and new products and services they offer.  Whether it’s a current customer or potential customer that hasn’t visited your business, people want to learn more about procedures, services, products, etc.  If you have the information available to them through articles, your will accomplish one of the most important pieces of a website…  valuable and informing content!    

Here are some reasons why articles are important...

  • Submitting articles to online article websites will create fresh content on the web.
  • Articles are a part of branding you and your business.
  • Creating links from articles to your website is a large part of our link building strategy.

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Press Releases

Does your business have a new service or product that you are now offering? Did a new employee join the team?  Have you moved locations?  Are you opening an additional office?  These are all great reasons to utilize an online press release. With press releases, we aim at conveying a specific message and grabbing your target audience’s attention immediately. While reading the press release, we want to engage the reader and create a desire to look further into your business. 

How are press releases effective?

  • Press releases add fresh content to the web about your business and brand.
  • Adding pictures and videos to press releases create more of a buzz.
  • Engaging the reader and building links to your website will help your overall web presence and draw more visitors to your website.

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Customer Referral Programs

Have you ever wondered why you don’t get the amount of referral customers that you would like or expect?  Many businesses don’t have a strategic referral program put in place. Your current customers are one of the easiest and best sources for new customers.  We have unique programs in place to make sure your business is not losing referrals.

Here are a few reasons why businesses lose referrals:

  • Poor web design. Referrals may be turned off by the design of a website.  First impressions are huge. 
  • Lack of relevant content.  Having a services page and listing all of your services is different than providing separate detailed pages about each service.  Referrals and visitors want to be informed about products, services and procedures.
  • Lack of first page visibility. A referral may forget the specific name of the business and may perform a generic search related to your business. Your website and web presence needs to be optimized.

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Email Newsletters

Monthly newsletters can be a powerful tool in maintaining contact with your current customers.  Sharing new information about your business like new hours, new products & services, events, new team members, etc. can all be shared through monthly newsletters. Email newsletters can be used to create new customers as well if you give the current customer a value in forwarding the newsletter to someone they know. Let us show you how to take advantage of this marketing tool that is rarely utilized.

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Web Analytics

Do you know how many visits and unique visits you get to your website per month?  Do you know where these visitors are coming from?  Our detailed analytics reporting system will track all aspects of your online marketing and website.  We will give you access to these reports so you can go in, at your convenience and see what kind of traffic your website is generating. Depending on your needs, we have the capability of tracking a number of different aspects of your online marketing including, PPC (pay-per-click) tracking, website analytics (visitors report) and keyword placement reports.

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